BOCCE Tournament


August 5th, 6th, & 7th

This year we are dedicating the bocce tournament in honor of:


Vince Sherman was born and raised in south Rockford. He was an active member of St. Ambrogio Society Club and an avid bocce ball player for over 70 years. In 1983, Vince was asked by the Festa committee to chair and run a bocce tournament at Festa Italiana. Vince came up with the idea of hosting the tournament as an all-city Italian club bocce tournament. The premise was that all the local clubs would send their best teams to compete in a weekend long tournament. Vince approached each club, set up the tournament and built the original court, which was continued to be used up until 2021. The tournament continues to be played today, nearly 40 years later. Vince enjoyed sharing his passion for bocce with others, especially his family. He spent most of his time at St. Ambrogio Society Club either playing in the men’s league with his son and grandson or watching his wife, daughter and granddaughters play in the women’s league. Bocce continued to be a love of Vince’s up until his passing in September 2021 at 92 years young.

Tournament Schedule

Men's Bracket

5:00 – Over the Line vs Son of Beocce
5:00 – Familigia 4 vs Donde es mi Tio
5:00 – 815 Southside vs D Lane
6:00 – White Bread vs Bo Knows Bocce
6:00 – MMLN1 vs Verdi Club
6:00 - Stini vs Big V’s Dist
7:00 – Lucky Dog vs That Works
7:00 – Venetian Club vs Dirty Dawgs
7:00 – Italian Stallions vs Windsor Pizza
8:00 – Warner Roofing vs Scadoles
8:00 – No Saladinos Here vs Vinnys Boys
8:00 – Helix vs Titan
9:00 – The Majestic Lions vs Team Johnson
9:00 – First Timers vs MMLN2
10:00 – Bye vs BVD’s
10:30 – Boosta Boyz vs Signature Appraisal

Women's Bracket

5:00 - This is How We Roll vs. Bucket of Beer Girls
6:00 - Team Lita vs. Mission Imbocceball
7:00 - Son of a Bocce vs. Lucky Dog Pub
8:00 - La Bocce Vita vs. Papa's Girls
9:00 - The Val Girls vs. Total Beocces
9:00 - Elite Bocce vs. South Siders
10:00 - Mom's Off Duty vs. Sweethearts
10:00 - Veni Vino Bocce vs. Ball Busters
10:00 - Verdi Girls vs. winner of Game 1


All prize money is based upon number of teams entered in each division, prize money may increase or decrease based upon entries.

Mens 40 Teams

1'st Place - $700

2nd Place - $500

3rd Place - $300

Ladies 20 Teams

1'st Place - $350

2nd Place - $250

3rd Place - $150

Bocce Tournament Rules

1. All games will be played with a time limit or to a score of 12 whichever comes first. The only games that will be played with no time limits are the games that are playing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If there is a tie at the end of the time limit then the team that scores the point at the end of the next round will be given the win. There will be no early games and the time you play will be posted on the board.

2. If all four of your team members are not on time then the first team with all four of their team members there can take the win if they choose. There is no grace period and it is up to the other team whether or not they want to give you extra time to get there. There will however be no extra time given on the game if the opposing team decides to wait. Please make sure you show up early with your full team.

3. If the pallino has not left the hand of the team that has the pallino before the time limit then the game is over. However if the pallino does leave the hand before the time limit then the round must be finished.

4. You must play with only the people that are written on your team sheet. The entire team sheet including the alternate needs to be filled out at registration.

5. A substitute cannot play for multiple teams. The sub can only play with the first team that they played for and must be on the team sheet.

6. If you move any balls on accident then your closest ball will be removed.

7. If your foot is over the line when you throw the ball then you will be given a warning the first time. The second time will result in you losing the ball.

8. You will be given two chances to throw the pallino past the center line. If you do not make it past the center line on the second throw then the other team will get two chances to throw the pallino past the center line.

9. You are only allowed to have one down man. It is his responsibility to be out of the court when the ball is thrown. If the ball hits your down man then you will lose the ball that you rolled plus your closest ball. If the ball hits the opposing teams down man then that team will lose their closest ball and you will get to reroll. If a ball hits the pallino and then pallino hits a down man then that down mans team forfeits all four points of the round. Please be out of the court and pay attention to what is going on. Allow for a reasonable amount of time for someone to get out of the court and do not intentionally try to hit anyone.

10. You can measure at any time to establish ONE point unless you concede your point. If you concede your point then a measurement is not allowed. It is your down mans responsibility to measure the ball if it is close.

11. Any alterations to the game due to an act of god will remain as is.

12. If a ball lands out of the court then the ball is dead. If a ball goes out the court and hits something but bounces back in the court then it is still live. If the pallino goes out of the court then the round is a wash and the teams will start from the other end.

13. You can request a referee at any time to ref your game or measure.

14. Coaching is not encouraged from the audience but is not forbidden.