BOCCE Tournament


August 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2024

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Price: $100.00
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60 teams considered Prize Money as follows

1st place $700.00
2nd place $500.00
3rd place $300.00

1st place $350.00
2nd place $250.00
3rd place $150.00

Bocce Tournament Rules

1. All games will be played with a time limit or to a score of 12 whichever comes first. The
only games that will be played with no time limits are the games that are played for 1st,
2nd, and 3rd. If there is a tie at the end of the time limit, then the team that scores the point
at the end of the next round will be given the win.

2. There will be no early games and must start at the time posted on the board

3. If all four of your team members are not on time, then the first team with all four of their
team members there can take the win if they choose. There is no grace period, and it is up
to the other team whether they want to give you extra time to get there. There will however
be no extra time given for the game if the opposing team decides to wait. Please make sure
you show up early with your full team.

4. If the Pallino has not left the hand of the team that has the Pallino before the time limit
then the game is over. However, if the Pallino does leave the hand before the time limit
then the round must be finished.

5. You must play with only the people that are written on your team sheet. The entire team
sheet including the alternate needs to be filled out at registration.

6. A substitute cannot play for multiple teams. The sub can only play with the first team
that they played for and must be on the team sheet. Subs or players cannot be changed in
the middle of the game and subs cannot be changed after the start of play.

7. If you move any opposing team’s ball without the consent of the opposing team then
there is a penalty for your team losing the closest ball and the opposing team’s ball must
be put to the closest agreed upon spot. If you move your own ball without consent of the
opposing team, then there is a penalty of your team losing the ball that you moved and your
closest ball. Please agree before moving balls and do not accidentally move balls or these
penalties will apply.

8. If your foot is over the line when you release the ball then you will be given a warning the
first time. The second time will result in you losing the ball. The ball must be released
before you cross the line with your foot.

9. You will be given two chances to throw the Pallino past the center line. If you do not
make it past the center line on the second throw, then the other team will get two chances
to throw the Pallino past the center line.

10. You are only allowed to have one down man at a time, and it must be the person who
shoots first. It is his responsibility to be out of the court when the ball is thrown. If the ball
hits your down man, then you will lose the ball that you rolled plus your closest ball. If the
ball hits the opposing teams down man, then that team will lose their closest ball and you
will get to reroll. If a ball hits the Pallino and then Pallino hits a down man, then that down
man's team forfeits all four points of the round. Please be out of the court and pay
attention to what is going on. Allow for a reasonable amount of time for someone to get out
of the court and do not intentionally try to hit anyone.

11. You can measure at any time to establish one point unless you concede your point. If
you concede your point, then a measurement is not allowed. It is your down man's
responsibility to measure the ball if it is close. You cannot measure for multiple points until
the round is over.

12. Any alterations to the game due to an act of God will remain as is.

13. If a ball lands out of the court, then the ball is dead. If a ball goes out the court and hits
something but bounces back in the court, then it is still live. If the Pallino goes out of the
court and stays out of the court, then the round is a wash. Players will start from the other
end. If a ball comes back across the center line, then the ball is considered dead. If the
Pallino comes back across the center line, then the round is a wash, and players will start
from the other end with the same team throwing the Pallino.

14. You can request a referee at any time to referee your game or measure. Contact Jamie
Tarra for women bocce and Nick Villani for men.

15. Coaching is not encouraged by the audience but is not forbidden.

16. Back wall, sidewall and corners are live for play. You do not need to hit an object ball
and can touch the walls at any point.

17. The bottom of the ball must cross the center line to be considered live otherwise it will
be pulled from play. The bottom of the ball does not need to be halfway over, it just needs
to touch the plain of the line. Twist the ball into the ground to determine the exact spot.