Cultural Events

Our Italian culture is one steeped in rich history and traditions. That’s why it is important for Italian Americans to keep in touch with their roots and share their pride and heritage. 

Viva Roma
The eternal city!

This year our Culture Tent is highlighting some of the sights in beautiful
Roma. Come in to look around and remember your days in Rome!

Join us for a “Pasta Through the Ages Demonstration”

Hosted by: Bernie Marinelli and Carol Minardi

Demos are: 5 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

  • Carol Minardi’s rich Italian culinary talents are celebrated weekly, as she and her family
    have preserved the old-world tradition of “Sunday Family Dinner.”  Each Sunday the
    family gathers to savor her family recipes, including homemade pasta.
  • Bernie Marinelli learned the Italian tradition of making pasta from her mother Vita
    Piccirilli, who owned “Nana’s Italina Restaurant” in the 1980s. Her parent’s, Vita and EJ
    Piccirilli, insisted that their daughter carry on the tradition of making homemade pasta,
    gnocchi, and of course, all the Italian cookies and pastries.

Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

We encourage you to come into the tent to explore your family’s genealogy with researcher Steve Salvato.

Our Sister City, Ferentino, will have a display in the tent this year as well.

Festa Italiana Celebrates
45 Years in 2024!